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Tron + Bible + Star Wars

on Monday, August, 03, 2020 12:41 PM
Tron 1982
By the way, the author Stephen Leesberger is of Hebrew/Biblical origin.
  • Kevin Flynn: The motive of God, God the Son. (Luke Skywalker.)
  • Clu: The motive of Jesus Christ – God the Son incarnate. (Luke Skywalker.)
  • Execution of Clu: Prophetic images of the crucifixion of Christ on the cross, before they happened to Him on the hill "Calvary", which means "Head/Skull". (Hanging Luke from the ceiling of the frosty monster cave, with the skull [Calvary] in the background. Preceding a similar event in which Luke is hanged on the Cloud City cross from behind Vader/Monster and his freezer/cave.)
  • Kevin's ability to use miraculous power after visiting a pure source: Christ's ability to use divine power after being baptized on the Jordan River. (Luke gains the ability to use the power of the Force, after visiting a bar for drinking liquids, shortly before being submerged three times in the Death Star.)
  • Punishment of Kevin with a PMK laser: The crucifixion of Christ by the fulfillment of prophetic images. (Hanging Luke on the Cloud City cross, after falling from behind Vader and his freezer.)
  • The crosshair of the laser, as well as the cross at the entrance to the Electronic World and at the exit: The Cross of Christ; Way of the Cross of Christ. (Way of the Cross of Luke in Cloud City, passing the crosses: above the Freezing chamber; on Luke's ejection window; on the antenna of temptations by Vader; above the antenna of Luke's hanging; as the hanging antenna itself.)
  • Alan Bradley: God, God Spirit. (Obi-Wan Kenobi.)
  • Alan's naming "One": God's naming conventions – "God is One", "First One and the Last One". (The "Unifying" Force the Jedi believe in; The "Ones" – a family of three gods of exceptionally powerful Force wielders.)
  • Tron: John the Baptist; The Apostles. (Obi-Wan: John the Baptist. Han Solo: The Apostles.)
  • Light burst before creation of the Tron: Creation of the World – Big Bang. (Explosion of a holographic star map at the Jedi Temple.)
  • Vertical and horizontal bars of lightning before the explosion of light: The Cross of Christ. (Crossed lightsaber blades; cross-shaped lightsaber.)
  • Walter Gibbs: The motive of God, God the Father. (Anakin.)
  • Dumont: Jewish clergy from among those who accepted Christ. (Yoda – by the way, this is a variant of the transcription of the name "Judas" – Judea, Judaism.)
  • To the User-Believers: Jewish-Christians, Christians. (Jedi, Rebels)
  • MCP supporters: Jews and Gentiles who did not accept Christ. (Sith, Imperials.)
  • Twelve Tower Guardian Arrested: Twelve Patriarchs of Israel; twelve small Old Testament prophets. (Twelve Jedi Council.)
  • The Twelve arrested User-Believer: The twelve Apostles of Christ. (Twelve X-Wing rebels against Death Star space station; twelve students of Luke Skywalker; twelve X-wing rebels against Starkiller space station.)
  • Breastplate of the Tron, Jet and the User-Believers: A symbolic representation of the One God by the Holy Trinity. (Symbol of the Unifying Force; symbol of The Ones – a family of three gods of exceptionally powerful Force wielders.)
  • ENCOM: Jewish Temple System. (Galactic Empire.)
  • Laser cellar ENCOM: Holy of Holies, Calvary, Holy Sepulcher. (Reactor of the Death Star with a beam of large crystal.)
  • A panel with twelve buttons of the large door of the ENCOM building: The High Priest's breastplate with twelve stones of Israel. (Darth Vader's breastplate.)
  • Ed Dillinger, aka Sark: Representatives of the Empire of Rome who crucified Christ – King Herod, Procurator Pontius Pilate; Beast of the Apocalypse - Antichrist. (Wilhuff Tarkin, Darth Vader.)
  • MCP as a ghost: Satan; Snake; Worm; Dragon of the Apocalypse; the great spirit of the "Great Inquisitor" Dostoevsky. (Sidious. Aka "The Phantom Menace". Appears as a ghostly hologram.)
  • Idol in the form of a demonic false god under a surveillance camera of MCP is a symbolic image of MCP: Satan. (Sidious.)
  • MCP in the form of a man: The Jewish High Priest who did not accept Christ; "The Great Inquisitor" Dostoevsky. (Shiv Palpatine.)
  • Lora Baines: Heavenly Church. (Mon Mothma, who headed the Temple of Yavin – the Biblical name for part of the Promised Holy Land of Israel.)
  • Yori: Earthly Church. (Princess Leia Organa, raised by Prestor/Presbyter – ecclesiastical title.)
  • Ram: Apostles. (Chewie.)
  • Bit, aka "unearthly Christmas ornament": Christmas Guiding Star; Apocalyptic Star – Christ; Apocalyptic star of the gift of Christ; Angel of the Lord, Guardian Angel, Cherub, Seraphim; God is the Spirit, descending in the form of a bird and flaming tongues. (Luke's flight star to the planet Bespin; droid R2-D2; Luke's training droid.)
  • I/O Tower: Temple of Solomon-Jedidia. (Jedi Temple.)
  • Identity Disc and Light Cycle: Spiritual Manifestations. (Jedi and Sith Lightsabers.)
  • An apple next to Alan Bradley's office vegetation, and an orange in Walter Gibbs's lab: The Paradise Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. (Drawings of the Death Star.)
  • Real world: Other world, Kingdom of Heaven. (Some planets, regions of space and space stations refer to the motif of Paradise, the Kingdom of Heaven.)
  • Electronic World: Real world; Hell. (Most planets refer to different times in the history of our earthly existence. Some planets, regions of space and space stations refer to the motive of Hell.)
  • Game Sea: The apocalyptic Glass Sea – a human sea of worldly passions.
  • A fluid pure source of power: Jordan River; God's source of the water of life. (The power of Force.)
  • Force, power and strength in the Electronic World: Grace – the uncreated power of God. (Force are the force, power and strength of the Jedi and Sith.)
  • The loving relationship between Kevin, Lora/Yori and Alan/Tron: God's loving relationship with the Church. (A loving relationship between Luke, Leia, and Han.)
  • Sark, who eventually became big, was struck by the Tron, who threw his disc in his forehead, so that Sark fell face down with a broken skull: The large Goliath was struck by David, who threw his stone from a sling in his forehead, so that Goliath with a broken skull fell on his face to the ground. (Ewoks, who used a sling to hit large stormtroopers and local giants.)
  • The venality of Ed and MCP for the money business with thirty countries: The venality of the enemies of Christ by means of thirty silver coins. (A venality committed by a DJ for the sake of money, costing the loss of thirty shuttles.)

More detailed explanations are laid out in a special subsection of the website "Star Wars and the Bible". But in Russian, therefore, it is proposed to read through the electronic translation services Google or Yandex.

"Star Wars and the Bible"

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RE: Tron + Bible + Star Wars

on Friday, November, 13, 2020 9:42 AM


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