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 Tron parody on South Park.

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Tron parody on South Park.

on Sunday, July, 27, 2014 4:41 PM
I was watching an episode of South Park the other night and they did a great parody on Tron.

The episode was called You Have 0 Friends, and it was about Facebook. The whole South Park community gets caught up in it, except Kyle who's not interested.
Anyway, after being badgered by his friends Kyle ends up doing it, and eventually ends up being beamed into his computer by his 'Facebook Profile' (which sounds just like the MCP), through his webcam.

He then ends up 'on' Facebook, in a sequence taken straight from the film itself.

I must say it was very well done! They managed to recreate the whole look and feel of the first film (the costumes, the landscapes, everything) right down to detail, although they were referred to has 'Profiles' instead of Programs.
All the main elements were there-the Guards, the Holding Cells where Flynn (who Kyle takes on the role of) meets Ram, and even Sark makes a brief appearance.

He then meets up with his Facebook Profile, which takes on the appearance of Sark-not the 'normal' version, but the giant version with the black glowing eyes

And instead of playing Disks Wars, they ended up playing Yahtzee instead!

I've looked for clips of it on Youtube, but I've not really found any yet.


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RE: Tron parody on South Park.

on Monday, July, 28, 2014 4:00 AM
Well well! It's good to hear that a parody of TRON has found it's way onto South Park yet again.

It's also good to know that we have fellow fans among the Producers and Developers.

Letters sent to Disney: 7
Let them hear 'Tron lives!!'
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 Tron parody on South Park.
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