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 Where have all the programs gone ?

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RE: Where have all the programs gone ?

on Tuesday, April, 29, 2014 1:03 PM
I was a big TRON fan, and I saw the original IN PERSON IN THE THEATER as a teenager. It actually influenced my life and career choices more than I ever imagined it would.

But I totally skipped the Tron 2.0 game. I didn't like the look, didn't like the initial reviews, and to this day, haven't yet played it or inquired about the story line. How wierd...

Thank god for the Flynn Lives ARG. It's hardly mentioned at all on this forum, but got me PLENTY excited about T:L. The SWAG from that ARG turned me into a bona fide Tron memorabilia collector and now I have quite a collection. Quite a collection, thanks to my wife supporting and encouraging me wayyy more than she should.

I loved the Tron Uprising series. I thought it was very well made, and very entertaining. I still maintain my "conspiracy theory" that the whole series was "bought and paid for" well before the movie came out, and although there may have been some "post movie work" done, I think the series was already nearly completely "in the can" by Dec 2010. All 18 episodes. After that, money available to spend on marketing (and post-production) after the movie came out dried up to nearly nothing. That's my conspiracy theory.

Today, here's where I think "the programs have gone"...

T:L didn't meet Disney expectations at 176m in revenue domestically. I truly believe that. The ramifications are "far and wide". Since it didn't meet expectations, I believe Disney put a hard halt on "Tron Spending". The Uprising series was never given a fair shake, marketed on Disney by targeting at 10-12 year old boys. Incorrect channel, incorrect target audience, with a "schedule" that jumped around EXACTLY LIKE execs were looking for a place to air it to get the best possible audience without spending ANY MORE MONEY on marketing. Thus, Tron Uprising "failed" to produce a proven audience for continuing to invest in Tron 3 right away.

This is pretty easy to see when Alice in Wonderland came out BEFORE Tron Legacy, but since then, Disney has produced Snow White Huntsman, Oz AND Maleficent and already has a sequel to Snow White in the works. Totally disregarding the Disney owned Marvel movies juggernaut (and Pirates), Disney has publicly been pushing Star Wars 7 over anything. Tron 3's latest news has been what... a rewrite story from Joseph K that is nearly 3 years old now? Seriously? (I am purposely not including any of Bruce B's comments. His heart and head are in the PERFECT PLACE for anyone to continue working with Tron)

I think Steve L, Joseph K, Adam H, Edward K, Charlie B, and all the actors (especially the big Bruce B) would love to continue working on Tron media and especially Tron 3/ Tron Uprising Season 2. But they want (and need) to be paid, they aren't the ones that would be "paying". People like Sean B. and Jeffrey S. and the Disney "Execs" are in a position to "pay" to have Tron continue, but their priorities aren't Tron (yet...). And...

Here we are. "True believers" waiting on more Tron media to be produced. Series, Movies, Games, whatever... Fans can only do so much. Without Disney willing to put MONEY behind an effort, Tron isn't going anywhere.

And the programs (fans) remain in storage, waiting to be run/reactivated once again...


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RE: Where have all the programs gone ?

on Tuesday, April, 29, 2014 1:57 PM
Kat Wrote:That's one of the big ones, yeah. I think they made a mistake in writing themselves into a corner in T:L, but they did; it makes it look as if they thought they were done, and then it was more popular than they expected and they thought, "oh, crap!"

I didn't really get that impression myself. *shrug* For me, it works because the only view of events we had prior to this was Flynn's, and we know that turned out to be inaccurate. (If we went strictly by the flashback, Tron should be dead. Clu raises his disc above his head, brings it down on Tron with both hands, and in the instant before it hits, Flynn turns his head away in horror and we hear a death cry from offscreen.)

It's a given that events didn't play out as Flynn originally thought - Tron actually survived the ambush and was dragged off somewhere to be Rinzler-ized by Clu. Uprising doesn't contradict that. It's not much of a stretch for me to accept that there was more to that story than Flynn himself was aware of. Or that he dismissed whatever rumors that may have reached him about a "renegade" program that might be Tron, or might be some program that had appropriated his identity, as the latter. He'd seen Tron die, after all.

Kat Wrote:The other thing that bugs me is the idea that a disc is the program's entire identity-- but that's a furthering of one of the continuity things that bugs me, where disc goes from being like a wearable electronic scorecard for the games, to something more akin to a wearable electronic national ID card... and then they took it even further.

Well, to be fair, the bit about discs functioning like recording devices was always there, even in the original Tron. The disc orientation speech in Legacy was lifted almost verbatim from the scene in Tron where Sark was addressing the conscripts. Legacy touched on the implications of "everything you do or learn will be imprinted on this disc". The bit in Uprising about the disc being an actual repository for a program's memories works for me because it justifies the whole "recording device" thing in my mind. (Who would willingly wear a surveillance device issued to them by an oppressive despot a moment longer than absolutely necessary? But if you can't function for extended periods without the thing, you're going to wear it whether you want to or not.)

Kat Wrote:There are other plot points, too, that bug me, but those are two of the big ones. Disney's simply taking the universe, and the idea of how it works, to places that I don't feel the first film, or even really the second, has led me to think is probably the case. It feels akin to getting interested in playing a game, only to have the rules start changing halfway through and the way you thought it worked has suddenly taken a detour.

It's funny, because that's exactly how I felt after seeing T: L. The Tron universe had well-established rules, ones that had been laid out in Tron and carried through Tron 2.0, and then Legacy came along and retconned half of them. If anything, Uprising bridges that gap, leaving me feeling like the universes of Tron and T:L are points on a spectrum rather than two completely different things connected only in name.

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 Where have all the programs gone ?
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