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 This is how all Tron movies, video games and Uprising could fit together

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This is how all Tron movies, video games and Uprising could fit together
on Friday, October, 11, 2013 4:06 PM
Entries marked with * take place inside the ENCOM server, the ones marked with ** take place inside Flynn's server, and the ones marked with - happen in real life. Things that have not happened or have an unconfirmed date, but could in order to fit everything together and in italics. Here we go!


-Kevin Flynn joins ENCOM.


-Kevin Flynn is fired from ENCOM by Dillinger.


-Flynn's Arcade opens.


*Tron 1 happens.

*Correction algorithms are lost with the MCP’s demise.

-Alan and Lora get married.

-Kevin and Jordan get married.

-Jet is born.


-Sam is born.

-Flynn had a copy of the correction algorithms, but not wanting to endanger his friends, or anyone else, he kept them a secret, creating his own digitizing laser.
**Flynn creates the Grid in his own private server, apart from the ENCOM server, cut off from all outside communications, under Flynn’s arcade. An updated Tron is brought from the ENCOM server and Clu 2.0 is created in the Flynn server. Flynn’s goal was to create the ultimate digital frontier and once it was perfected, reveal it to the world.


-Jordan Flynn, mother of Sam, dies in a car accident.


-Kevin Flynn writes “The Digital Frontier”.


*Ma1a is created.

-ISO’s emerge in Flynn’s Grid.


**Kevin Flynn creates Anon.

**Tron: Evolution starts.
**Clu 2.0 betrays Kevin Flynn and defeats Tron.

**Kevin Flynn becomes trapped in Flynn’s grid.

**Tron: Uprising starts.
**Tron survived but is severely damaged. Finds Beck and starts training him to be the new Tron.

**In the Tron: Uprising series finale, Clu discovers that one of his best soldiers (Rinzler) is none other Tron in disguise. He repurposes Tron to truly be his servant and Beck is derezzed.
**Tron: Uprising ends.
**The Purge happens.
**Anon rescues Quorra, takes her to Kevin Flynn and is derezzed.**Tron: Evolution ends.


-Lora dies in a digitizing accident.

*Ma1a is upgraded into Ma2a.

*Ma2a is upgraded into Ma3a.


*Tron 2.0 happens inside the ENCOM server.

-Having had enough, Jet is disenchanted of computers and the technology that even killed his mother. Still an ENCOM employee, he goes to work in a foreign country branch of ENCOM. Holding his father partially responsible for his mother’s death, Jet does not keep in touch with Alan.


**Tron Legacy happens.


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RE: This is how all Tron movies, video games and Uprising could fit together

on Tuesday, October, 22, 2013 12:21 AM
I appreciate your thoughts on this because I've thought about it as well, being a big fan of Tron 2.0. The main problem are the dates and content on the emails you intercept on Tron 2.0. Some show Laura die when she must be alive in Tron Betrayal. Others have emails from Flynn when he was already confined to the grid. Also, the sequel to Legacy is apparently going to have Laura in it which would have to be addressed as well. There are also emails of Kevin Flynn quitting ENCOM / FCOM which could not have happened based on what happened in Legacy. I believe it could be rectified IF you could come up with a good reason why the Tron 2.0 email dates could be off, and second, if Flynn was returned from the Grid AFTER Legacy so the events of Tron 2.0 take place AFTER Legacy. Which is feasible since the writers did say both Tron and Kevin Flynn are not dead.

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 This is how all Tron movies, video games and Uprising could fit together
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