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 Tron Legacy alternative script-Part IV.

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Tron Legacy alternative script-Part IV.

on Friday, November, 16, 2012 3:56 PM
This is the fourth (and FINAL) part of my idea for an alternative script for Tron Legacy.


* Trapped onboard the Rectifier have no choice but to hide. Avoiding the Guards (who are looking for them) they make there way to an upper gantry.
* Below they can see a wide area filled with THOUSANDS of Guards and Sentries, particularly entire LEGIONS of troops. At the front we see a large podium with Clu standing on it ready to address the Legions. Behind him we see a platform, and on that platform we see a figure kneeling, his hands bound behind his back. He is a hostage. Either side of him are two Sentries keeping Guard.
* Clu addresses the crowd. He tells them that the main core of the Rebellion that has been spreading throughout the Grid is no more.
* He turns and walks back towards the captive Program. He reaches down and says “Behold! The face of a Traitor!”, and touching the side of the captives neck he retracts his helmet.
* We see that it is Tron! Clu tells the Legions that, has of TONIGHT, the threat of the Renegades will be no more, and that every Corrupted Program will be vanquished once and for all.
* He tells them that, with the exception of Tron, all other Renegade Programs have been destroyed, and that are now only two fugitives left, and that they are now trapped onboard the Rectifier. It’s only a matter of time before they are caught now.
* But don’t worry, he says-he now knows what they were going to do, and that the survivors were heading towards the Portal, with the aim of using it to escape.
The plan is simple-using the ENTIRE forces onboard the Rectifier Clu will travel towards the Portal with the sole aim of DESTROYING it, thus keeping them trapped here forever.
(for Clu this is just has much a demonstration of his AUTHORITY has it is his military power-by using the Rectifier he is demonstrating his COMPLETE control over the System to all the other Programs).
“Be reassured, my fellow Programs, once that Portal has been destroyed, the Prisoners will be transferred to the main City….
…and once there they will be charged with TREASON and there will be a PUBLIC EXECUTION for all of them, thus finally ending their threat once and for all!”
* The Legions cheer, and has they do Clu says “This is how we deal with Traitors who seek to threaten our way of life”.
Tron intervenes. “No Clu”.
Clu turns and looks at him.
“It’s YOU that’s the Traitor!”
Clu just looks at him and says “We shall see”.
* The Rectifier comes online. Has it powers up it starts to move away, heading towards the Portal.
Clu turns and walks back towards Tron, they look at each other with contempt, and then Clu says to the two Sentries “Take him back to the Holding Cells, there he will stay until he meets his fate”. The Sentries drag Tron to his feet and drag him away. Clu leaves and heads towards the bridge.
* Flynn and Sam have been watching all of this, and are worried-if the Portal is destroyed they will NEVER get home. They think quickly, and together they form a plan-Sam is going down to the Holding Cells to rescue Tron before he is executed, whilst Flynn will make his way down towards the vehicle bay and steal a Lightjet, then all three of them will fly away and head straight for the Portal, hoping to beat Clu there.
They wish each other luck and split up.
* Sam follows the two Sentries that are taking Tron to the Holding Cells, and sneaks ahead of them. She remains hidden, and has they pass she ambushes them.
Running up behind them she hurls herself at the one on the left, and knocks him to the ground in front. Tron (seizing the initiative) hurls himself at the one on the right and pushes him into the wall, where he slides to the ground.
Before either can get up again Sam removes her Disk and cuts Trons bonds, and with his hands free Tron removes his Disk and prepares for combat.
By now the two Sentries have gotten up and are attacking the pair of them, but they are of no match-both Sam and Tron derezz them and escape down the corridor.
* Has they start to run the alarms go off, and they stop and look back-one of the Guards has activated an alarm before finally succumbing to his wounds on the floor. Tron and Sam look at each other and run off.
* Clu also hears the alarm go off. Suspecting what is happening else where on the ship, he heads quickly towards the bridge.
* Flynn, meanwhile, has sneaked into the Hanger Bay and climbed aboard a Lightjet, and is waiting for them. Moments later Sam and Tron quietly enter and seeing Flynn gesturing towards them through the Lightjet cockpit they head towards him and enter. Once onboard Tron takes the controls and flies out of the hanger towards the Portal.
* Clu walks onto the bridge to see what’s happening (Rinzler is also following him), and one of the Officers reports that there’s been a major security breach onboard. Clu demands to know where, and the Officer tells him that a Sentry has reported in saying that Tron has escaped.
* The Officer pulls up a view screen, and on it we see a couple of Sentries standing over the derezzed remains of the two Sentries that were escorting Tron to the Holding Cells. They are dead, and there’s no sign of Tron.
* At that point Jarvis notices something outside the bridge window. He points and says “Look Sir!”. Clu turns and looks out of the window, and we see the stolen Lightjet flying away at high speed.
* Clu’s furious. He turns to another Officer and says “Helm, maintain course, full speed!”.
The Helmsman responds and the Rectifier increases speed. Clu looks at the handful of Black Guards in the room, and has one they jump through the bridge window and activate their Lightjets, and set off in pursuit.
* What follows is a high speed chase across the Sea of Simulation. Tron is an experienced pilot and manages to shake off the Light Jets, but Clu’s forces are persistent, and wont give up.
Eventually, the fight is over and Clu realises that he cannot defeat them in a straight on battle. He pulls away, and Sam, Flynn and Tron are relived, thinking that he’s given up the chance.
What they don’t know is that Clu has pulled away so that he can dip below their field of vision and increase speed and circumnavigate them, thus reaching the Portal before they do…
* The Lightjet reaches the Portal, and the three of them get out and make their way up the stairs. When they reach the top they stop…..and see Clu standing there waiting for them.
* Clu tells Tron and Sam to stay back and goes forward to talk to Clu and try and reason with him.
Clu’s having none of it. “How can we go back, after all that’s happened between us? I’ve only ever done what you’ve TOLD me to do-I executed the Plan”.
* Despite Flynn’s efforts to reason with him, Clu loses his patience and kicks Flynn back along the gantry towards the Portal. Sam leaps to his defence but is also kicked back towards the Portal, sliding up alongside him.
* Clu moves up towards them, but Tron leaps to they’re defence. He attacks Clu and they fight in close-combat. Has Sam and Flynn get up she looks up and shouts “LOOK!“.
They all look up, and see the Rectifier looming overhead. Tron and Clu also glance up and see this, and when Clu sees that it is within range he takes the initiative and head buts Tron, who falls to his knees concussed. * Clu reaches to his hip and removes a small, hand-held device-it’s a communicator. He talks into it, and orders the Weapons Systems onboard to lock onto the Portal and destroy it!
* The Officer on the other end hesitates. “But Sir, if we fire you’ll be killed!”
“I don’t care, the safety of this System is all that matters. Open fire, that’s an order!”
“Er, yes Sir”
Reluctantly, the Officer obeys, and has the Rectifier looms closer we see ports open along it’s hull and large cannons and torpedo bays opening up. The Rectifiers weapons are powering up.
* Tron is on his knees behind Clu, and he gets to his feet and rushes towards Clu. Clu turns just in time, and the two of them brawl.
During the brawl Clu lands on his back and the communicator becomes detached from his hip. They watch has it slides across the gantry….
…..and falls straight over the edge, into the abyss below.
* Clu sees this and panics. And reaches to grab it, but is too late-it slides just beyond his grasp and over the edge.
Tron also sees this, and they look at each other in shock:

The communicator was the only way they could maintain contact with the Rectifier-even if either of them wanted to stop the attack, with that gone neither of them have any way of stopping it now!

They continue to fight. In the ensuing combat Tron manages to slice through one of Clu’s arms, and Clu yells out. Distracted by his wounds, Tron strikes Clu again, and causes a massive gash on his other arm.
* Clu staggers back, looking in shock at his wounded arms….
….and he slips and falls over the edge.
* Tron races up to catch him, and sees that Clu is now hanging over the edge with his remaining good arm.
Tron reaches down to try and help him, and grabs his remaining good arm and tries to drag him up before he falls.
Has Tron tries to pull him up they both look on in horror has the wound in his good arm starts to TEAR, and begins to open up! Tron tries desperately to hold onto him, but it’s to late-his good arm SHATTERS into the glass like substance, and Clu falls down into the abyss below, and disappears out of sight forever.
Tron watches him fall.

* Tron looks up at the Rectifier and sees it’s ready to fire. He looks at Sam and Flynn and tells them to go, NOW!
Flynn protests, saying that he will not leave his friend behind, but Tron says that they have no choice-they only have moments left!
* They reluctantly agree, and has Sam and Flynn stand on the platform Flynn raises his Disk and activates the Portal.
* Has Flynn activates the Portal he and Sam look at Tron, and Tron looks back at them.
And together all three of them realise the inevitable truth:

Tron is not going to survive.

There is nowhere for him to go.

Has a Program he cannot use the Portal because only Users can use it, and he would be left behind.
There is a deep abyss below the gantry, which is too far for him to jump.
And even if he ran down the stairs there is only the worn out Lightjet at the end, surrounded by the deep Sea of Simulation (assuming he made it clear of the blast, that is…).
He looks back at Flynn and Sam, and together they all realise that Tron is TRAPPED.
Has the Portal takes effect, both Flynn and Tron look at each other, and the look on their faces tells us that, without saying a word, they both think exactly the same thing-
Goodbye, old friend.

And with that Sam and Flynn vanish in a large ball of light has they are beamed out of the Grid.
* Tron watches them disappear, and smiles with relief, knowing that his long time friend is now finally safe.
He turns to face the oncoming missiles, and has they hurtle towards him he relaxes and calmly closes his eyes.

And from the missiles point of view, we see them flying towards Tron standing infront of the Portal.
They zoom in on Tron, and when they get there….
….the screen fades to white, and the sound of a large explosion occurs….
….the sound of the explosion fades, and the white light fades too…..into the light of the Laser in Flynn’s Arcade.

* We see Sam standing next to the Flynn’s computer. She is downloading something, and when she’s finished, she takes one last look at the computer, then switches it off.
* Upstairs we see Sam exit through the hidden door behind the Tron game, and at that moment Alan enters the Arcade, and asks her if she’s okay.
* He asks her if she found anything, and she looks at him and nods.
He asks her what she found, and Sam just smiles and says one thing:

“A Solution…”

She nods to something over his shoulder, and Alan turns to look. Behind him we see Flynn emerge from behind another arcade game.
* Both Flynn and Alan are overjoyed to see each other, and they walk over and greet each other. They are so pleased to see each other, and all three walk out of the Arcade, Sam turning off the power has they do so.
* Outside the sun is just beginning to come up, and Alan and Flynn get into Alan’s car and drive away. Sam follows on her bike.
* Has they drive Flynn looks out the window, and asks Alan to pull over. Alan (puzzled) pulls over and Flynn gets out and looks at something on the horizon. Alan gets out and joins him to see what he is looking at. Sam pulls up behind them, and also joins them.
* We see Flynn’s face, and it’s full of emotion. He only says just one thing:
“I’ve forgotten how beautiful it was….”

And from behind them the camera pulls right back to show us what he is looking at….
…..and we see the sun beginning to dawn over the calm, peaceful city.

OUR city.

OUR world.

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 Tron Legacy alternative script-Part IV.