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 Tron Legacy alternative script-Part 1.

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Tron Legacy alternative script-Part 1.

on Monday, October, 29, 2012 4:58 PM
Has promised, I’ve written a new version of the idea I had for a script for Legacy.
This is actually based on a script idea that I had posted quite a while ago, so those of you who remember ready that version might see SOME familiarity in this version.
I must say that I like this version better then my previous version-I feel it’s got more depth and detail to it, and much more content.

I have made a few alterations to the story:

* Firstly, no ISOs. I’ve never really been sure of this idea behind them (Programs that have spontaneously appeared and have digital DNA that allows them to exist in our world?). For me, it’s one of those concepts that I think could be a bit too fantastical, so I’ve dropped that.
* Also, I’ve changed the character of Sam. SHE is now played by Olivia Wilde, and I’ve made her Alan and Lora’s daughter because they were a couple at the time of the original movie, so I think it would be logical to make them the parents (sorry Jet!).
Has a side not, one idea I had was to have Lora actually be pregnant at the time when the events of the first movie occurred, but not realize it at the time….


Alan’s home.


* Flynn is in the living room at Alan’s house. He’s babysitting Sam, the daughter of Alan & Lora, who Alan has allowed to stay up late.
Flynn is telling her the story of the Digital World-how he managed to get into the computer world, his adventures with Tron and Yori against the MCP, etc.
* He also tells how about his ‘new’ adventures-a story of how he is creating a secret world of his own called the Grid, and how Tron, Clu and himself will help build and maintain it, free for everyone.
* Then we hear the front door open and someone calls out-it‘s Alan. He enters the room and greets them, and Flynn and Sam respond. Flynn asks how Lora is (she’s in hospital that night because she’s a bit unwell, and Alan has been to visit her). Alan tells them both she’s fine.
* Sam tells Alan about the stories Flynn’s being telling him about the computer world, and Alan just smiles-he, like everyone else, thinks they’re just entertaining stories.
* Alan ushers Sam up to bed, and she heads towards the stairs. Flynn says goodnight to her, and Flynn and Alan start walking towards the hallway.
* Sam stands halfway up the stairs, and secretly watches them enter the hall way. They don’t see her.
And although she cant see them in the hallway, Sam hears Flynn say something to Alan:

“Alan, before I go, I need to talk to you about something. Something important…”

Sam doesn’t hear the rest of the conversation.

* Upstairs, in her room, Sam watches Flynn leave the house. He looks up and acknowledges her, and then gets on his bike and rides away.

That’s the last time anyone sees him.

The news channels report of his disappearance, and everyone is worried. Encom is in chaos, and everyone is searching for him. But he will never be found…



The Present Day.

* It’s night. We see a young woman riding a bike through the streets. Has she travels down the street we see that she’s heading towards a large building in the distance.
* We see the Encom tower lit up against the night sky. The biker pulls up outside the entrance and takes her helmet off. We see that it’s a young woman, in her mid twenties. It’s Sam, the daughter of Alan and Lora.
She gets off and enters the building.
* She walks up to the security guard at the reception, who nods and smiles at her-everyone knows who Sam is. She smiles back, and asks if he knows where Alan is?
He tells her where, and she thanks him. She walks across the lobby and enters an elevator.
* She gets off at the right floor, and opposite is a large conference room. She looks through a window.
* Inside the large conference room we see a dozen businessmen and Encom employees sitting around. At the head of the table we see Alan Bradley, who’s conducting a business meeting about finances, marketing, etc. He sees her looking discreetly through the window, and acknowledges her with a smile. She smiles back.
* The meeting ends and everyone gets up to leave. Sam waits outside for everyone to go, and then enters. Has she enters Alan walks over and they greet each other.
* She tells him that she received his message, and wants to know what’s wrong. They leave the room and start walking down the corridor, talking.
* Alan tells her that earlier this evening he received a Page, and that the Page came from the arcade. That numbers been disconnected for 20 years, and was addressed to HIM.
She asks him what it was about, and he tells her that it says that he has to be at the arcade on a certain date at a certain time. She asks why, but he says that he doesn’t know-all it said was that he HAD to be there on a CERTAIN date at a CERTAIN time. Nothing else.
* There’s more-on the night that he disappeared (when he was baby sitting Sam) before he left he said that he wanted to talk to me about something, something important.
He said that, for months now he had been working on a project of his (his Secret Project, has he called it), a project that, once completed, he felt would completely change the modern world, and revolutionize how our society could function.
Alan asks him what it was he was working on, but Flynn wouldn’t tell him any details-all he said was that when it was completed (which will be soon) he will hold a conference at Encom and demonstrate it in front of the other chairmen.
Alan was slightly puzzled by this, but he wishes him luck anyway. Flynn then leaves the house, and is never seen again.
* Sam says that she remembers that night-she was sitting on the stairs and heard them talking, remember? (“Alan, before I go, I need to talk to you about something…”).
* Alan tells her that even though the message was for him, he cant actually make it-he’s got too much work to sort out tonight, so could she go over to the arcade and check it out inside?
She agrees to, but Alan says she must HURRY-the Page said that he MUST be on time there, and not be late. They then enter the elevator.
* They get off at the lobby and leave the building, saying goodnight to the security guard. Outside they say goodbye to each other, and both drive away in different directions.

* Sam arrives at the old arcade on her bike, and pulls up outside. She gets off and enters. Inside everything is all covered up and dusty. She switches on the power, and everything comes to life.
* She looks around the place, before deciding to head back, after decided that there was nothing there. And has she heads towards the door she spots the old Tron arcade game in the corner and walks over to it. She puts in the coin but it falls out again.
* She picks it up off the floor, and notices that there are groves in the floor where some one has tried to move it. The arcade game moves aside to reveal a hidden doorway. Sam enters and the arcade game swings back into place.
* There is a long, dark tunnel with stairs leading downwards. Sam follows it. At the end there is a door with some keys in it, and Sam opens it.
* Inside there is a large dusty room full of books, computer equipment, etc. and in the middle of the room is a large computer console and a laser pointing at it. Sam looks around the room, before sitting down at the console.
* She switches it on and starts tapping away, unaware that the laser behind is no active. Has she presses the key the laser is fired and Sam is beamed into the computer.
* Sam panics and runs outside. Everything has changed-she really is in a different world now! She is confused and frightened, and as she tries to get her bearings a beam of light appears from the sky.
* She looks up-and sees a Recognizer! It lands and the Sentries take her onboard and restrain her before it then takes off. Sam watches the Recognizer fly through the sky before landing at the Gaming Arena.
* Sam is then taken down to the Armoury, where her clothes are reconfigured to suit the need for the Gaming Grid by the Sirens, and then she is escorted up to where the Disk Wars are taking place.
* Sam fights in the Disk Wars, and manages to survive. However, she then has to complete against Rinzler, who manages to defeat her with ease. Has he goes to derezz her he sees that she is bleeding-and realises that she is a USER!
* From his Command Ship Clu demands to know why he did not eliminate her, and Sam cries out that she’s not a Program, her name is Sam BRADLEY! Clu looks at her intrigued, and demands to see her.
* Onboard Clu’s ship Clu demands to be left alone with her, and his officers comply. Alone, he reveals his face to her, and Sam is surprised, thinking that it is Flynn!
* He starts asking her questions-Where did she come from? How did she get her? Are there any others here with her? He is both intrigued and puzzled has to why she is here.
Sam answers these questions as best as she could, and Clu takes her Disk and checks for himself. He then summons the Guards who then take Sam away has his ship flies away.
* Clu takes Sam to the Lightcycle Arena, and after a brief introduction by Jarvis (about how the Renegade were trying to take over command in The Grid and spread chaos) Sam (and a group of other Programs accused of being traitors, even though they protest their innocents) are condemned to death on the Lightcycle Arena by combat (and derezzalution).
* Clu asks Jarvis if the ‘security measures’ were in place, and Jarvis says yes-there is a squadron of Recognizers on standby, just in case Sam (or indeed anyone who tries to rescue her) tries to escape. Clu then says to him, “Keep your eyes open-if he’s here, will find him”.
Jarvis agrees. Clu turns and takes a long, slow look at the huge audience, and whispers to himself “Where are you?….”.
* Meanwhile, whilst all this is going on, another Program silently watches from the shadows, hidden from view. When Clu forces Sam (and the accused traitors) to fight the Light cycle game, he becomes concerned & moves quickly away.
* The game begins-Sam and the other ‘criminals’ fight against Clu and his guard, Lightcycle against Lightcycle (this is just like it was in the film). Eventually, Sam looses control of her Lightcycle (which is destroyed) and faces off against Clu, who is heading towards her, ready for the kill.
* Just then there is an explosion off-screen, and a Lightrunner appears, causing Clu to crash into it. It pulls up and the mysterious Program tells Sam to get in QUICKLY! Sam gets in and the Lightrunner speeds away, being chased by Rinzler & two other Black Guards.
* The Lightrunner blasts a hole in the wall and escapes into the Outlands, whilst Rinzler pulls up and watches him leave.
* They drive through the Outlands. Sam is curious has to who this stranger is, but this Program doesn’t say much. He does, however, say one thing- “Trust me Sam, I’m here to help you!”.
* Sam just looks at him out of the corner of her eye, and she’s puzzled-there’s something very familiar about this Program, but she cant quite place what it is….
* Eventually, they head towards a cliff face-only, at the last minute, the doorway appears in it leading to a hidden tunnel into the Cliffside. There are two armed Programs there standing guard, and they see the Lightrunner and let it in.
* The Lightrunner pulls up, and the stranger and Sam get out. They head towards an elevator that takes them up to another level.
* When they arrive they appear into a large room. There are not only chairs and tables in this room, but lots of large screens and control consoles displaying everything including maps, scrolling data, tactical/strategic reports, etc. It’s like a HQ of a army command base.
* There are also about a dozen Programs, all of whom are standing around looking at Tablets, analysing data, gathering information, etc. One by one they spot Sam and the stranger standing by the elevator shaft and stop what they’re doing.
* The Stranger and Sam walk slowly across the room towards another elevator on the opposite side. The other Programs watch, and whisper amongst themselves (Who is she? Where did she come from?).
The stranger senses this unease, and reassures them by saying “It’s okay-she’s with me”. They continue to look anyway.
* The two of them enter the another elevator on the opposite side of the room and travel up to another level. They emerge into another room, but this one is different-it has more furniture and decorations in it, and feels more like a living area then the command post below.
* The room is dimly lit, with the lights turned down low. In the centre of the room is a large bed, and on this bed there lies an old man sleeping. He’s quite old and grey, and has his back towards them.
* The Stranger tells Sam to wait here, and walks quietly towards the sleeping man. He gently wakes him, and tells him that he has a visitor. The old man wakes up, and rather stiffly gets up. The stranger takes a step back.
* And then the old man turns around to look at her…..
……..and it’s FLYNN!
* Both of them are so overcome with emotion, and rush over to hug each other. Sam is so relived-everyone thought that he was dead, and that no one would ever see him again.
* Flynn asks her how she got here, and she tells him about the Page that Alan received, and that it was coming from the Arcade. She tells him that Alan was going to come and investigate himself, but couldn’t make it so he asked her to find out for him, and that’s when she discovered the Laser in the basement. He smiles, and looks at the Stranger-it appears that the plan worked.
* Flynn asks if she’s alright after her ordeal in the Gaming Arena, has she says that she is thankful for the ‘Stranger’ for rescuing her. Flynn looks at the mysterious Program standing aside and looks back at her and smiles.
* He asks her if she recognised him, and Sam say she doesn’t. He then asks her if she’s SURE she doesn’t recognise him?
* Sam looks at the Program for a moment, and she’s puzzled-all she knows that there’s something very familiar about him…
* The Program has been just standing aside watching the two of them up until now, and Flynn looks at him an nods.
* The Program removes his helmet…..

…..and it’s TRON!

* Sam just GASPS when she sees him-so THAT’S why he looks SO FAMILIAR! Flynn and Tron just smile, and he walks over to talk to them.
* Tron says that he is so sorry that he wasn’t there to met her, and that he wished that he could have saved her earlier. She understands, and says that’s okay.
* Tron tells her of the plan that he and Flynn had come up with-there is an I/O Tower in the City, which is heavily guarded by Clu’s forces. Flynn would put an encoded message onto Tron’s Disk, and he would infiltrate the Tower disguised has one of Clu’s officers (basically orange/yellow lighting) and access it’s controls.
* He would then insert his Disk into the controls, and then broadcast the hidden message through the I/O Tower straight onto Alan’s Pager, telling him to go to the Arcade on a certain date at a certain time (timing is the key to all this).
* It was hoped that, when Alan goes to the Arcade at the EXACT date at the EXACT time he would find the Laser in the basement and activate it, sending him here.
* THEN, when he arrived, Tron would be there waiting for him at the point of entry and escort him quickly back to Flynn’s hideout.
* HOWEVER, not everything went to plan-on his way to the entry point to meet up with Alan Tron inadvertently ran into a security patrol, who immediately gave chase, and although he managed to escape them it did mean he was late for his rendezvous with Alan. After losing the Guards Tron managed to get to the entry point, but it was too late-he arrived just in time to see Sam get captured by the Sentries and flown away by the Recognizer. Tron followed them through the City on his Lightcycle, and infiltrated the Gaming Arena looking for her.


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RE: Tron Legacy alternative script-Part 1.

on Monday, October, 29, 2012 10:40 PM
Cool. I love that Tron's still, well, Tron. Can't wait to see the rest and how it pans out. I'll also be interested to see how you work the dynamic between Sam and Flynn-- since they've not got that blood tie to automatically pull them together in that way that has them both risking it all in T:L for what's essentially a stranger, it'll be cool to see what you come up with.

(Funny-- I've written a couple partial fics in which Jet Bradley is actually female-- or rather, Alan and Lora have a daughter, whose name is Jet. In one version, she lives/works in another state, hence why we see nothing of her in T:L {she and Sam have always been buddies and she loves him dearly, but though she's a few months to a year younger than he is, she's grown up, done the Caltech thing, gotten a good steady job with Lockheed Martin, etc. and thinks he's a bit too immature still}; and in the other, she and Sam are best friends but she's sort of estranged from Alan and Lora now that they're grown up {she's very goth, a hacker though her parents don't really know and just choose not to ask how she makes a living, and just.... not much like Lora and Alan at all. Hence why we see nothing of her in T:L}. But in both versions, Jet secretly finds an old copy of her dad's program Tron that he's always been bragging about and upgrades him, so when Sam lets all three know about the Grid, well...)order abortion pill morning after pill price where to buy abortion pill

What do you want? I'm busy.

Program, please!

Chaos.... good news.
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 Tron Legacy alternative script-Part 1.