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on Sunday, September, 14, 2008 11:13 AM
Greetings programs !

First of all, excuse my english if I make some mistakes. I´m spaniard.

I have to say that I´ve been reading "tron sector" for many years, although I´ve never become a member. But with the great news of the Tron´s sequel I finally decided to "break up into the system" (as Flynn would say) and make some comments.

I was born in 1969 and, as many of you, the first time I saw Tron when I was I kid I was shocked. This movie shaped my mind and my life. Among many things, I do CGI and VFX.

I´ve read every post about TR2N made here and elsewhere, and I share most of your expectations and excitment about the sequel. I think we have to be patient, and I´m sure the movie will be produced: noone hires a director, a famous actor, a creative team and 'Digital Domain' for nothing.

I´d like to thank DaveTron and the others for such an effort to backup everything for the future. And I´d like to tell DaveTron that I´ll work for free for a year of my life to be part of the production team of TR2N, if you can tell Mr. Lisberger. My skills in CGI and postproduction, although not so many, are there.where to buy abortion pill abortion types buy abortion pill online

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