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  Vote For The TRON 2.0 KILLER APP Mod
    Dec 3, 6:35 PM by TheReelTodd
ModDB is holding their annual Mod of the Year contest for 2007 and this year, TRON 2.0 is being represented. The TRON 2.0 KILLER APP Mod is currently being wrapped up by the LDSO team who have been hard at work on it for quite some time now.

Please take a moment to show some love in the form of your vote for this mod. This is our chance to get TRON and TRON 2.0 some attention. Follow this link to vote for the mod. Scroll down about a screen or so and then click the large gray button that says ''VOTE FOR THIS MOD''. If you don't mind, pass this link along to your friends and ask them nicely for their support in this. After all, your friends are also TRON fans too, aren't they?

With enough votes, the TRON 2.0 KILLER APP Mod may get bumped up far enough in the ratings to get some much deserved attention on the many sites that will showcase the top 100 mods. Imagine the online multiplayer game servers lighting up again with life the way it did when TRON 2.0 first came out. Imagine my fingers hurting with all the standard, substandard greetings I'd have to type for all the new members that find their way to this website as a result of the increased attention. Come on, programs - let's light this baby up and have some fun!

Curious about this soon to be released mod? Follow this link to TronFAQ's TRON 2.0 news site to read about the mod and see some of its features in the video. I've seen the video along with a bunch of awesome looking screenshots. I think this mod will be more than worthy of much attention in the TRON community and hopefully gamers/modders of all walks and interests.

Special thanks to the LDSO team for devoting their time and hard work on this, what looks to be an amazing mod! The team (in alphabetical order): 9VoltChicken, Kain-Xavier, Load ''*'',8,1, Mor.Evil-1, Raven, TronFAQ, WhiteRabbit, Win3K, and Zook_One.

I, for one, can't wait to unleash the power of TRON 2.0 KILLER APP Mod and get digitized all over again!online will my husband cheat again why husband cheatwhy do wife cheat on husband online dating for marriedhiv aids cure statistics on hiv hiv and aids preventionwhat is symptoms of hiv hiv aids organizations early symptoms hiv

  New Files Uploaded
    Jul 10, 1:11 AM by DaveTRON
New files posted in the following sections:


Bill Ochs' Academy Screening Photos - Bill was crafty and managed to snap some images at the recent Academy Screening of TRON. Check out his photos at this many men have affairs men who have affairs gofree abortions how do you get abortion pills chicago abortion clinicwhy do wife cheat on husband read here dating for marriedwhy men cheat will my husband cheat My girlfriend cheated on mewhy do people cheat cheat on husband website

    Jun 12, 10:45 PM by Sketch
Zook-one has created a downloadble custom map for 2.0. For bit sake download and give this bad boy a nice test drive. You know you want to!

Also Keep those files coming in fellow programs! We love to see the creativity that this community can produce. Trash Jack has added a nice image to the fan art section, and NoExcuses has made a neat and funny little experimental video, that even our weed-killin TheReelTodd will love.

Trash Jack
Shadow the Hedgehog Tron Style.

Giant Face Animation

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  TRON 70mm Screening - Guest List
    Jun 3, 12:13 AM by DaveTRON
I am trying to figure out who is coming to the event. I'd like to get some pics of the TRON Sector bunch, and maybe if the gods favor us we can get some shots with the TRON Team too.

Please post here if you plan to attend.

If you aren't coming, PLEASE DON'T POST, I want to get a clean list of many men have affairs men who have affairs goabortion rates open readonline click here why people cheat

  TRON Comic Release Date Confirmed
    Apr 21, 8:42 PM by TheReelTodd
Today lurkinghorror confirmed here that the highly anticipated TRON: The Ghost in the Machine will be hitting the shelves of comic book stores this coming Wednesday, April 26th.

The comic will be selling at a suggested retail price of $3.50 (USD). For those who may not have a comic book store in their area, it will also be available through and the direct from the publisher Slave Labor Publishing.

The wait is almost over! The TRON universe will soon be lighting up once again in this beautifully illustrated comic. For those of you who still know very little about the comic, here is an excerpt about the comic from

Jet Bradley has escaped from the computer world after being kidnapped and digitized to defeat a nefarious virus. But after his ordeal, Jet can't seem to adjust to the real world. Beset by insomnia and paranoia, he avoids technology as much as possible, leaving him completely unable to function in the modern world. And now something in the computer world wants him back.

SLG Publishing and Disney bring a thrilling new chapter to the Tron story with Tron: The Ghost in the Machine, a comic book written by Landry Walker and Eric Jones (Little Gloomy, X-Ray Comics) and drawn by Louie De Martinis. Tron: The Ghost in the Machine picks up where the critically-acclaimed video game Tron 2.0 leaves off, bringing you the same thrilling action, as well as an exploration of the effects of the cyberworld on the human psyche.
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  Kia Purity Hits 2000
    Mar 13, 11:40 AM by DaveTRON
Kia Purity joined the ranks of 2,000 plus posters on TRON Sector yesterday. Congratulations Kia!

This makes the top six posters 2,000 plus. Those 6 account for 15,422 of 51,187 posts in the main forums. 30.13% of the total.

The Top 10 posters account for 21,974 posts on this site, 42.93% of the 51,187 posts in the main forums.

01. DaveTRON.........3757
02. Compucore........2790
03. TheReelTodd......2427
04. Nikster..........2306
05. Boingo_Buzzard...2140
06. KiaPurity........2002
07. Sketch...........1930
08. Scuzzy...........1603
09. Kamui............1578
10. Trace............1441

While this may look like it's a small subset of our community, it points out a significant fact. Over 50% of our output here is by new people and a growing body of users who are joining each week.

It's been pointed out many times, but this is one of the best online communities around. I love being a part of this group, and I count everyone here as a frieind, even those of you whom I have duelled with in the past.

Kingdom Hearts II may bring in some more new people. Let's all work on encouraging the new folks to be a part of our world.

Who'll be next to join the 2,000 Club? Sketch or Kamui? She's coming on strong!how many men have affairs wifes that cheat gochlamydia gonorrhea treatment cure for chlamydia std free testingwhat is symptoms of hiv hiv aids organizations early symptoms hiv

  Halloween 2006 - BEWARE
    Mar 12, 3:20 PM by DaveTRON
I have decided that I am tired of kids getting all the goodies on Halloween, and I end up with an empty candy dish and decorations to clean up.

This year, it's my turn! So at the age of 42, I am taking my act on the road as ......

TRON. Look for me out on the streets this Ocober 31st.

NOTE: For those with no sense of humor - this is a joke. I had a funny pic and wanted to share it. Stop flaming me please. Go here to see what a sense of humor looks like.

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  New Video Clips Posted
    Feb 10, 10:02 AM by DaveTRON

Recognizer by Traahn

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  We're Back!
    Feb 7, 8:13 PM by DaveTRON
Sorry programs, but we had some technical difficulties and have been out of service for the last 2 days.

Auric informs me that electrical sprites got into the power systems for TRON Sector and many other sites he manages and brought it to it's knees. He's offsite in Florida for an event and has had someone diligently working on vanquishing the sprites and getting our beloved TRON Sector back in working shape.

Everyone thank Auric and team for all their hard work, we wouldn't have a home without him and his team!

See you in the forums.

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  New Images Posted
    Dec 17, 10:41 PM by DaveTRON

Video Games Live Excellent shots of the lightcycle from the show in production. Photos courtesy of Tommy Tallarico from G4.

Check out Video Games Live at

Check out Tommy Tallarico's site at www.tallarico.comabortion health risks non surgical abortion cost where do you go to get an abortion pillwhy do people cheat cheat on husband website

  New Files and Images Posted
    Dec 17, 12:23 AM by DaveTRON
Been a very long time, but we are finally getting around to clearing out the Member Uploads. Auric fixed the functionality of that area and I am proud to announce to following long delayed files and images.

I deleted a bunch of Katamari Damacy images that had been uploaded. This site is for TRON related artwork and files, and we really aren't set up to branch out into other topics. If you wish to share other graphics with our users, please host them elsewhere. Do not upload to the Member Uploads section.


Music Section
TRON Jazz by foilism


Wargames Arcade Shots uploaded by josh.exe

Fan Art
TRON for the Holidays by Flynn1978
Personal Avatar by dmc_dc
Ring Game Animation by Boingo Buzzard
Me and my Gigabyte by Tony.ROMlink where can you get a abortion pill abortion pill for early pregnancywhat is symptoms of hiv early symptoms of hiv in women early symptoms hivthe best spy software for android android sms spy free spyware cell phone texting

  Show YOUR Support for TRON 2.0!
    Nov 24, 8:33 PM by TheReelTodd
Remember the buzz about the new TRON 2.0 game that was coming out? For many TRON fans, this generated great excitement - FINALLY a game based on our beloved film and FINALLY we would be able to enter the world of TRON in a way that has never been possible before!

TRON 2.0 hit the shelves of stores on August 26, 2003. Pretty much every TRON fan out there (those in to gaming) went out and snatched up a copy... well, at least those TRON fans who knew about the game. Sadly, the game wasn't exactly promoted very well and word of it didn't quite reach the masses. Though many TRON fans purchased this exciting game, and some new TRON fans were made as well, sales were slow and BVG pretty much dropped the game.

Though the game died in the eyes of BVG, so many TRON fans longed for more. The single-player adventure offered an engaging experience that built upon the original story of TRON and took players for a wild ride in the digital world. In addition, there were multi-player online games allowing people to join up and play in the Disc Arena, Disc Death Match, and (my personal favorite) go head to head on the Light Cycle Game Grid!

Anyone who's played on the light cycle game grid knows there are a lot of bugs in the game that need to be fixed. BVG hasn't offered anything in this regard because the sales didn't warrant investing any further resources in the game.

TRON 2.0 fans have been longing for more though. Many fans have voiced their opinion that they'd like to see the many game bugs corrected and be able to play the original film adventure in an expansion pack. Many of the talented TRON 2.0 modders and map crafters have requested that at the very least, the TRON 2.0 source code be released.

TRON-Sector's redrain85 has been very vocal in his effort to get BVG to offer additional support for this incredible game. Also known as tronfaq on other TRON and gaming forums, he has been offering insight and assistance to people who have questions about the game, and well as rallying people to stand behind the game we all love and voice their opinions to BVG.

Are you a fan of TRON? Do you own TRON 2.0? Did you LOVE every micro cycle spent in the exciting digital world of TRON? Please join in the effort to make our voices heard at BVG. Let them know how much you love the game, and that you'd easily drop your hard earned cash in to a TRON 2.0 expansion pack.

Keep TRON and TRON 2.0 alive. Get involved!

redrain85 has put together an official petition allowing fans of TRON 2.0 to voice their opinion to BVG. Please take a minute or two and voice your opinion there.

TRON 2.0 PC Support Petition

So far, about 500 people have expressed their love of the game and asked for more. Let's make that number grow! The chances that BVG will listen is slim, but what have you got to loose? The more legitimate signatures and opinions added, the better the chances for more TRON! More TRON is a good thing!

Special thanks to redrain aka tronfaq for his devotion to TRON 2.0, all the help he's offered to those who've sought guidance in the game, and for keeping the effort for more TRON 2.0 alive.
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  Happy Thanksgiving
    Nov 24, 6:56 PM by DaveTRON
I realize that Thanksgiving is a US holiday, but even so, I think that we can all share in the element of giving thanks for the wonderful things in our lives. For me, that is the many friends I have here on TRON Sector.

So, as a way of showing you how much I appreciate you all, I'd like to share this previously unreleased scene from TRON for you to enjoy...

Happy Thanksgiving, whether you celebrate it or not.abortion health risks home remedies for abortion where do you go to get an abortion pillhiv aids cure false positive hiv test hiv and aids preventiontolterodin flashback tolterodin nedir tolterodin sandoz 2 mg

  Happy 1st RezDay: Astrozombbie!!!
    Nov 2, 6:03 PM by DaveTRON
Our very own Astrozombbie!!! joined us here on TRON Sector one year ago on 11/3/2004. Please join us here in congratulating him on his 1st RezDayabortion rates open readmeet and cheat looking for affair men and womenthe best spy software for android the best spy app spyware cell phone texting

  Happy Birthday to Traahn
    Nov 2, 5:57 PM by DaveTRON
A very happy birthday wish on 11/3/2005 to Traahn's user! We hope it's a very happy birthday for you.

Please join us in wishing him a happy birthday here in the forums.

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