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Tron Ride At Shanghai Disneyland
May 10, 10:48 AM by Auric
Footage has finally been released of the actual ride! Take a look and enjoy... Now if we could only get this in the states!

Tron 3 To Rez Up Soon
Mar 10, 7:33 PM by Auric
According to Slashdot:
Tron 3 seems to be happening, after a very quiet period of development from Disney. According to reports out of Vancouver, the film will shoot there starting in October, with Garrett Hedlund set to return to the role he played in Tron: Legacy. What’s more, we’re told that Joseph Kosinski is returning to direct. This isn’t confirmed by Disney, but below you can see the info we have right now.

Read more here:

TRON Evolution and TRON 2.0 Now Available on Steam
Nov 5, 10:42 PM by TronFAQ
In a surprise move, Disney Games has begun releasing their catalog of games on Steam, recently. Among the titles available there, that will be of particular interest to fans of TRON, are TRON Evolution and TRON 2.0.

TRON Evolution was released first, on October 6, 2014. TRON 2.0 followed a few days later, on October 10, 2014. (During an AMA session on Reddit, representatives of Disney Games were bombarded with requests for TRON 2.0 after TRON Evolution appeared, so they decided to add it to Steam as well.)

The Steam release of TRON Evolution is practically indentical to the Retail DVD PC version, still using Games for Windows Live for online Multiplayer and achievements. You can share your thoughts about the Steam release of TRON Evolution, in this I/O Forum topic here on TRON-Sector.

The Steam version of TRON 2.0 is also identical to the Retail CD/DVD PC version, with the Official v1.042 Patch pre-applied. But online Multiplayer is broken, due to the fact that the GameSpy service the game relied on has since shut down.

However, the TRON 2.0: Killer App Mod fixes the broken Multiplayer, so it functions again. It also adds widescreen support to the game, and numerous other improvements. You can find out more about the mod, and share your thoughts about about the Steam release of TRON 2.0, in this I/O Forum topic here on TRON-Sector.

02/24/2015 UPDATE: Both TRON Evolution and TRON 2.0 are on sale on Steam at 50% off, until Mar. 2, 2015.

1982 TRON Soundtrack To Be Re-Released on Vinyl
Mar 19, 4:57 PM by BlueTronWarrior

Olivia Wilde Rockin' A Classic TRON T-Shirt in LA
Jan 9, 11:59 PM by BlueTronWarrior

New Video – Bruce Boxleitner & Cindy Morgan
Dec 24, 1:02 PM by BlueTronWarrior

TRON Reunion! See Bruce Boxleitner & Cindy Morgan!
Nov 13, 2:46 AM by BlueTronWarrior

Sep 16, 10:36 PM by BlueTronWarrior

New "Sheriff Style" TRON Light Cycle
Aug 1, 1:44 AM by BlueTronWarrior

TRON: UPRISING Compilation Reel by Alberto Mielgo
May 8, 4:16 AM by WorldOutWest

Light Cycle Attraction - Disneyland's Tomorrowland
Apr 9, 8:48 PM by BlueTronWarrior

TRON: UPRISING - The Series Comes To An End
Jan 9, 10:59 PM by BlueTronWarrior

TRON: UPRISING Original Soundtrack Now Available!
Jan 8, 11:13 PM by BlueTronWarrior

Garrett Hedlund aka Sam Flynn Back for TRON 3
Dec 13, 5:50 PM by BlueTronWarrior

TRON: UPRISING Soundtrack To Be Released On 1/8/13
Dec 6, 6:19 AM by BlueTronWarrior