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Fan Made Videos
Byte Rotation Test   (3,028,480 kb)
A test of animating Bytes core and his outer shell separate of one another. Encoded in indeo5.1 so should play fine on all players capable of playing an AVI file.
Submitted By: tron_fanfare.'>2 types of lung cancer
Jade's Tron Theatre   (45,240,061 kb)
This compilation of sight, and sound, was made possible, by dedicated gamers, mappers, modders, and developers of Tron 2.0, and a special thanks, to Steven Lisberger, for the movie Tron.
Enjoy Jade's Tron Theatre!

The following musicians created the music in the sound track: Billy Strange- 007 theme, Rammstein- Bestrafe mich, and Buckethead- Pure Imagination.
The first few cuts of video, is from a King of the Grid tournament, where, I announced this project. (although none of us knew I'd make a short film out of it).
There will be more in the future. Stay Tuned, get Tron 2.0.'>2 types of lung cancer

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